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Working as technical partners, Dantech Electronic Engineering and Axis communications offer intelligent security solutions that enable a smarter, safer world. Axis as a market leader in network video is driving the industry by continually launching innovative network products based on an open platform – combining this with power supply technology from Dantech, specialising in powering the global security industry, we are able to deliver high-value, ground-breaking technology to customers in existing and new markets.

Dantech’s DA890 range represents a joint venture based on our membership of the Axis Technology Partnership Programme. The Axis A1001 Network Door Controller offers significant benefits, and the DA890 range complements these by providing power-centre housing solutions to suit many different system layouts and configurations, ensuring that the A1001 is a viable contender for both large and small systems.

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DA890 guide

This handy guide is ideal to have on your sales' teams desktops or site engineer's tool box, to make finding the right power solution quick and easy.

DA890 Application example

An application example of wiring an DA890.

Dantech DA890 range

An easy, all-in-one solution combining the controller, battery-backed power supply, fire-control and much more in one secure enclosure. The DA890 range provides the A1001 with additional functionality for professional security applications, such as:

Application example: DA890IN

Ordering information

GTINPart codeDescription
DA890INDantech Indoor Power Centre for AXIS A1001 Network door controller
DA890EXDantech IP66 Weather-resistant Power Centre for AXIS A1001 Network door controller
DA890RMDantech 19" 2U Rack-mount Power Centre for AXIS A1001 Network door controller
DA890INQUADDantech large indoor Power Centre for AXIS A1001 Network door controller
DA890INQUADSWDantech large indoor Power Centre with integrated network switch for AXIS A1001 Network door controller

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