Dantech powers the world’s most spectacular views

Dantech Electronic Engineering, the UK manufacturer of specialist power supplies and ancillary equipment, is helping to deliver the world’s most spectacular views to desktops everywhere – supplying bespoke power supply solutions to

Installed at hundreds of locations, stand-alone camera modules are providing 24/7/365 coverage of some of the world’s most iconic and recognisable views. Installed primarily on the rooftops of luxury hotels, the modules encompass a bespoke Dantech power supply, an integrated high-quality automated live-view HD webcam, 4K long-exposure photography and a HD time-lapse video system that captures every moment of every day.

The high-resolution images and video captured by the modules are used to drive visitor traffic to hotels’ direct reservation websites, boosting hotel bookings by displaying images of the views a traveler will experience when staying there.

Hotels with a system see a great improvement in their direct bookings, improved website SEO and spectacular, fresh, automated images that can lead to a 400% increase in social media engagement, with people sharing content, says Gareth Edwards, Chief Technical Officer of Our Dantech-powered module features the highest quality video with photography and time-lapse imagery that capture the latest action from any location. A live view displayed on a hotel’s website along with images and daily time-lapse video provides a very powerful marketing tool – one that potential customers can view, share and link through at any time to reach a hotel’s reservations page.

Shipped directly to a hotel for installation by its service team, camera modules are simple to install. The design brief for the unit was to make it easy to commission ‘out of the box’, so the unit and power supply needed to offer simple ‘plug & play’ installation. Not only that, a unique customer base derived from some of the world’s best hotels means the module needed to operate in greatly varied operating conditions, ranging from temperatures as low as -20 degrees on a Norwegian hotel roof in winter, to the direct summer heat of Oman.

As you can imagine, the supply of consistent internal power to the unit is critical, being used to drive a Sony 8MP circuit board video camera for live video, a 4K Digital SLR camera for time-lapse still shots, a heater, fan, wiper and micro-computer, explains Gareth. Employing their specialist industry knowledge, Dantech have designed and manufactured a power unit that totally meets our needs, complete with bespoke connectivity. To date, the Dantech bespoke power supply unit has worked relentlessly in our application, functioning worldwide without a single failure. The technical partnership with Dantech has been very successful, and we currently have over 100 units installed, bringing the world’s best views to desktops around the globe. Thanks to the popularity of the images on social media, word on the success of the service has spread quickly, resulting in a full order book, with many exciting locations due to be added to our portfolio very soon.

Providing clean, reliable power suitable for a broad range of global atmospheric conditions and mains-input voltages presented quite an engineering challenge, says Tim Scott, Director of Dantech Electronic Engineering. We’re very proud that Dantech was asked to fulfil such a diverse design brief with a bespoke power solution that represents leading-edge design and manufacture. We’re looking forward to assisting with their next generation of projects.

To find out more about Dantech’s specialist power supplies and ancillary equipment, customers can call Dantech on 01621 856850 or e-mail for a free-of-charge demonstration, or visit