DA457: 12V DC Rack-mount power supply with VRLA battery support and monitoring

This range of 19" 3U rack-mountable switched-mode power supplies can accept 110V or 230V and will provide a regulated output of 12V DC at up to 8A.

These units will house and charge up to 2 x 12Ah VRLA batteries and are equipped with two separate DPCO (double-pole change-over) contacts for mains-fail & low-voltage signalling.

Battery low-voltage disconnect, if the voltage from the battery falls below 9.5V DC, for example after an extended mains-failure, the battery terminal will disconnect. When the unit voltage recovers (when mains is resumed) the battery terminals will reconnect, allowing recharge.

Fire enable output switching can be driven from a 12V or 24V DC supply. A typical use for this relay would be interfacing a fire panel with the power supply to de-power magnetic locks in the event of a fire condition.

VRLA Batteries are not included.

Ordering information

GTINPart codeDescription
DA457-1 Rack-mount 1x 8A 12V DC PSU with UPS & monitoring
DA457-2 Rack-mount 2x 4A 12V DC PSU with UPS & monitoring
DA457-4 Rack-mount 4x 2A 12V DC PSU with UPS & monitoring
DA457-8 Rack-mount 8x 1A 12V DC PSU with UPS & monitoring
DA457-16 Rack-mount 16x 500mA 12V DC PSU with UPS & monitoring

Available from all good distributors.