Dantech invests in greater production capacity

Dantech Electronic Engineering, the UK manufacturer of off-the-shelf and bespoke specialist power supplies and ancillary equipment for security applications, has invested in a major expansion and refit to increase its production capacity.

At one of the company’s two production-sites in Maldon, Essex, Dantech has installed new state-of-the-art production lines covering 2,500sq/ft. Improving the flow of goods transfer around the multi-story facility, part of the refit has included a new high-capacity elevator. Greatly enhancing the movement of pallets of goods and people, the new lift connects over 10,000sq/ft. of space spread over three floors.

In addition, all-new racking in conjunction with forklift and pallet trucks have made more efficient use of the building’s available space. For example, with many tons of steel and alloy being delivered frequently, it is important for them to be stored quickly and safely, ready for use. The new improved facility layout allows these goods to be delivered directly to the appropriate storage or production departments, such as CNC machine feeds, etc. Maximising all-round production volumes, departments such as metalworking now also enjoy a much larger workspace area too.

The new refit was designed to improve the capacity and production efficiency of our unique and diverse range of electronic products, says Tim Scott, Director at Dantech Electronic Engineering. Dantech power supply and ancillary products require many specialist skills to produce, to meet with an ever increasing demand for products, our investment into new production lines and refitting will help to substantially increase our production capacity and overall efficiency.
New Elevators
New Amada CNC Punch
Additional Amada CNC Press Brakes
New Elevators