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DIN Rail Power Centre
with monitoring, output control and battery support Made in Britain

This DIN rail mounting power supply unit features SPCO relay monitoring contacts, output controls and battery support. This unit will seamlessly switch from mains power input to battery powered input in the event of a mains power failure, if this occurs, the unit will also change over SPCO relay contacts for switching or signalling other equipment that the mains power has failed to this power supply. When mains power is restored, the unit will change over the monitoring relay contacts and automatically re-charge the connected VRLA battery.

During prolonged mains power failure, if the connected VRLA battery is nearing depletion, the 'Low volt' SPCO relay contact will change over to switch or signal other equipment that the battery power is nearly depleted.

Deep discharge protection: VRLA batteries can be damaged from complete discharge and reduce the life span and capacity of the battery. This power supply features deep discharge protection, and will automatically disconnect the battery before deep discharge occurs and automatically re-connects the battery for charging when mains power is available.

Output one (O/P1) provides a continuous power output regardless of the output control status. Output two (O/P2) can be switched on or off by the output control terminals. The output control 'enable' terminals will enable the output when closed circuit and disable (turn off) the output when open circuit.

Restart function: A PCB link jumper controls if this function is enabled or disabled. When the jumper is fitted, the restart function is disabled. When the link jumper is removed the restart function is enabled, and O/P2 will not reenable when switched output enable has been open circuit and then closed circuit, until 'restart' contacts have a momentary closed circuit to confirm re-enable of the output.

Battery start: Each module has a 'Battery start' button, this will enable the outputs from battery power without mains power connected.

Product code Description Data sheet
DADPC1203 12V DC (13.7V) 3A DIN Rail Power Centre PDF
DADPC1206 12V DC (13.7V) 6A DIN Rail Power Centre PDF
DADPC1210 12V DC (13.7V) 10A DIN Rail Power Centre PDF
DADPC2403 24V DC (27.4V) 3A DIN Rail Power Centre PDF
DADPC2405 24V DC (27.4V) 5A DIN Rail Power Centre PDF
DADPC2410 24V DC (27.4V) 10A DIN Rail Power Centre PDF
DADPC4803 48V DC (54.8V) 3A DIN Rail Power Centre PDF
DADPC8WS 8 Output splitter PCB module for use with DADPC units PDF
*These units are available for same day despatch worldwide. Next day delivery available to mainland UK.
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