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Dantech Electronic Engineering, powering security.
 Dantech further expands sales team

Dantech Electronic Engineering announces the latest addition to its sales team with the appointment of Brian Stemp.

With experience in product selection and system implementation from design through to installation and maintenance, Brian joins the Dantech team in a technical sales and business development role.

A well known figure within the security industry, Brian comments on his new appointment saying: I am really pleased to join the team at Dantech. Their long history for supplying well engineered, reliable solutions for customised applications, provides a strong existing and potential customer base in security, life safety and other industries.

Commenting on Brian’s appointment, Tim Scott, Director at Dantech Electronic Engineering said: Brian’s broad knowledge of end-user applications, system design and installations coupled with his keen interest in product development and positive approach make him a great fit for Dantech. His experience will help us to help our customers as we continue to develop our business, bringing reliable electronic and hardware solutions to more and more industry sectors.

 Dantech launches DA890 Power Centre range for Axis access control

Dantech Electronic Engineering, the leading UK security manufacturer and technology partner of Axis Communications, has launched the DA890 Power Centre range, which is designed to house and power the Axis A1001 Network Door Controller and Axis I/O modules.

With versions suitable for indoors, outdoors and rack-mounting, these professional Power Centres provide secure, battery-backed power for door controller(s) and locks (12V or 24V), ensuring seamless operation as an integrated unit.

A dedicated fire alarm interface is included with lock outputs individually selectable as permanently powered or fire-alarm-controlled. Outputs can alternatively be configured to power auxiliary devices. All versions include battery monitoring, power status monitoring and tamper-protection.

The design also ensures that the A1001’s features and functions remain available to the integrator. The range comprises four models: DA890IN, DA890EX, DA890RM and DA890INQUAD. The DA890IN is suitable for indoor use, and the DA890EX is IP66-rated for industrial environments or outdoor use. The DA890RM is an indoor unit housed in a 19" 2U rack-mount package, which can also accommodate an I/O module. The DA890INQUAD is designed for indoor use and provides power for up to four Axis A1001 controllers or I/O modules in a single enclosure.

The DA890IN and DA890EX versions can provide power for mag-locks from just a PoE+ input, with no mains power wiring required. Alternatively, mains power can be used.

DA890 Power Centres combined with Axis A1001 controllers enable highly flexible, open-architecture access control systems to be configured for applications both small and large. These powerful solutions are particularly suitable for integration with other business systems, providing a modern, scalable alternative to traditional access control offerings.

The new DA890 Power Centre range is a direct result of our technical relationship with Axis Communications, says Tim Scott, Director of Dantech Electronic Engineering. We’re constantly developing new products and pay great attention to what installers and end-users require. DA890 Power Centres can be located centrally or at convenient locations around a site. They save time and money too, by reducing the need for fused spurs.

To find out more about Dantech DA890 Power Centres, visit See the products at the Axis Communications 2017 Partner Showcase event at Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire, on 11th October.

 Dantech powers the world’s most spectacular views

Dantech Electronic Engineering, the UK manufacturer of specialist power supplies and ancillary equipment, is helping to deliver the world’s most spectacular views to desktops everywhere – supplying bespoke power supply solutions to

Installed at hundreds of locations, stand-alone camera modules are providing 24/7/365 coverage of some of the world’s most iconic and recognisable views. Installed primarily on the rooftops of luxury hotels, the modules encompass a bespoke Dantech power supply, an integrated high-quality automated live-view HD webcam, 4K long-exposure photography and a HD time-lapse video system that captures every moment of every day.

The high-resolution images and video captured by the modules are used to drive visitor traffic to hotels’ direct reservation websites, boosting hotel bookings by displaying images of the views a traveler will experience when staying there.

Hotels with a system see a great improvement in their direct bookings, improved website SEO and spectacular, fresh, automated images that can lead to a 400% increase in social media engagement, with people sharing content, says Gareth Edwards, Chief Technical Officer of Our Dantech-powered module features the highest quality video with photography and time-lapse imagery that capture the latest action from any location. A live view displayed on a hotel’s website along with images and daily time-lapse video provides a very powerful marketing tool – one that potential customers can view, share and link through at any time to reach a hotel’s reservations page.

Shipped directly to a hotel for installation by its service team, camera modules are simple to install. The design brief for the unit was to make it easy to commission ‘out of the box’, so the unit and power supply needed to offer simple ‘plug & play’ installation. Not only that, a unique customer base derived from some of the world’s best hotels means the module needed to operate in greatly varied operating conditions, ranging from temperatures as low as -20 degrees on a Norwegian hotel roof in winter, to the direct summer heat of Oman.

As you can imagine, the supply of consistent internal power to the unit is critical, being used to drive a Sony 8MP circuit board video camera for live video, a 4K Digital SLR camera for time-lapse still shots, a heater, fan, wiper and micro-computer, explains Gareth. Employing their specialist industry knowledge, Dantech have designed and manufactured a power unit that totally meets our needs, complete with bespoke connectivity. To date, the Dantech bespoke power supply unit has worked relentlessly in our application, functioning worldwide without a single failure. The technical partnership with Dantech has been very successful, and we currently have over 100 units installed, bringing the world’s best views to desktops around the globe. Thanks to the popularity of the images on social media, word on the success of the service has spread quickly, resulting in a full order book, with many exciting locations due to be added to our portfolio very soon.

Providing clean, reliable power suitable for a broad range of global atmospheric conditions and mains input voltages presented quite an engineering challenge, says Tim Scott, Director of Dantech Electronic Engineering. We’re very proud that Dantech was asked to fulfil such a diverse design brief with a bespoke power solution that represents leading-edge design and manufacture. We’re looking forward to assisting with their next generation of projects.

To find out more about Dantech’s specialist power supplies and ancillary equipment, customers can call Dantech on 01621 856850 or e-mail for a free-of-charge demonstration, or visit

 Dantech promotes lower cost Paxton Net2 Access Control installations
 with the DA481 & DA482 Power centre

Dantech Electronic Engineering, the UK manufacturer of power supplies and ancillary equipment for security applications, is promoting faster, neater and lower-cost Paxton Net2 installations with its DA481 and DA482 integrated Access Control Power Centres.

Supporting installers’ profitability by reducing equipment and mains cabling costs, Dantech Power Centres provide reliable 12v DC switch-mode power for either two (DA481) or four (DA482) Paxton Net2 PCBs. The rugged power supply module provides two sets of outputs for each controller position: 500mA for the controller and 2A for lock power. All outputs are protected by self-resetting fuses and equipped with status LEDs. With only a single fire alarm input required to the Power Centre, lock power outputs are individually selectable as either continuously powered or fire-switched.

Two (continuously charged) VRLA battery packs up to 12Ah can be mounted in the Power Centre, ensuring continuity of security in the event of a mains power failure. Mains and battery status can be monitored via volt-free contacts, and batteries are protected by automatic deep-discharge disconnection. In addition, the physical security of the Power Centre is assured by its key-lockable and tamper-protected steel enclosure.

Dantech Power Centres drive down installation costs. With just one fused spur required for each Power Centre instead of one per door controller, electrical installation costs are greatly reduced, and mains cabling can be completed more quickly. Equipment mounting, connection and commissioning also require less engineering time, and ongoing maintenance will be both simpler and more economical for the life of the system.

Available from all leading distributors, Dantech Power Centres are the ideal solution for installing two or four Net2 access control units, whether centrally or at convenient locations around a protected site.

To find out more about how to reduce access control installation costs, please call Dantech on 01621 856850 or e-mail for a free-of-charge demonstration, or visit for Power Centre specifications and data sheet PDF downloads.

 Benchmark test of SecurePoE
 SecurePoE™ ‘Recommended’ by Benchmark magazine

Dantech Electronic Engineering, the UK manufacturer of specialist power supplies and ancillary equipment designed specifically for security applications, has been awarded Benchmark magazine’s ‘Recommended’ status for its SecurePoE product range.

The magazine awarded the coveted Recommended status after thorough testing of the Dantech DA1110-IN-4-G SecurePoE MultiSpanUPS, under varied conditions, and using a wide range of cameras, access control devices, telephony and non-security PoE-equipped peripherals.

Click here to read the full Benchmark article

The Benchmark ‘Recommended’ Dantech range of SecurePoE products includes indoor and outdoor (IP66 rated) Midspan and Multispan models. The Midspan units are designed for use with separate network switches, while the Multispan models include a Cisco switch, with single, 2 or 4 ports, or 4 and 8 port 19” rack-mount enclosure models.

The magazine’s testers commended Dantech’s SecurePoE MultiSpanUPS on its security, simple set-up and build-quality, and noted a consistent power delivery, with all channels delivering on full load, saying:

“The SecurePoE MultiSpanUPS delivers a good degree of performance, and deserves the ‘Secure’ part of its name.”

Offering the same functionality as Dantech’s SecurePoE range of products but supplied as standard with replaceable high-quality Yuasa stand-by battery packs, the SecurePoE MultispanUPS tested is designed to provide uninterruptable, highly-reliable PoE power for any network device, in a secure and practical package.

Dantech SecurePoE MultispanUPS protects connected devices from service interruption during any mains failure or network outage. This allows PoE connected devices such as IP cameras or edge recording devices to maintain their operation. Dantech SecurePoE MultiSpanUPS products also allow installers to connect to PoE powered devices simply and quickly – meaning easier installation, set-up and maintenance. They provide true uninterruptable power, avoiding camera reboot time and valuable video footage being missed, and ensure system installers and security teams can retain total control of security systems, without the need to implement changes through an IT department or 3rd party supplier.

Additionally, SecurePoE MultiSpanUPS can be used to relieve pressure on existing UPS systems, whilst economically extending stand-by times. Multi-port versions afford streamlined power protection, meaning users can manage power quality and availability from one central point, rather than via the complications of managing multiple, disparate outlets - one centralized Dantech SecurePoE MidspanUPS protects all connected devices.

In their verdict of the Dantech SecurePoE MultispanUPS, the Benchmark test team said:

“In modern security systems, a consistent power delivery – and a degree of resilience to keep systems running is essential."
“Increasingly, Benchmark is meeting installers and integrators who are reporting that more end users are not simply demanding a degree of resilience from their systems, but are seeking evidence that proper steps are being taken. The implementation of secure and monitored power serves that purpose, and as such the SecurePoE MultiSpanUPS from Dantech has to be recommended.”

The full Benchmark magazine Dantech SecurePoE MultiSpanUPS test can be read here.

Further information on the full range of Dantech SecurePoE products can be found by visiting

 Flexible Multispan™ PoE + Ethernet Switch range
 New DA11xx series added to SecurePoE™ range

Dantech Electronic Engineering, the UK manufacturer of specialist power supplies and ancillary equipment designed specifically for security applications, has launched a new range of Multispan™ PoE + Ethernet Switch products.

Providing both PoE+ 30W power and Ethernet transmission for up to four IP devices, the new Dantech ‘Multispan’ solutions consist of a dedicated multispan PoE power device and a separate dedicated Cisco switch, housed within a single secure enclosure. Offering system flexibility, installers can choose to locate the multispan device either at the network endpoint or midpoint.

Utilising the Cisco 10/100/1000 Gigabit full-duplex unmanaged switch, one network uplink and up to four IP devices (i.e. surveillance video, access control, or intercom) can be connected over Cat5 UTP cable. With no network configuration required, fast and simple connectivity saves installation time and money.

In addition to the standard Multispan PoE + Ethernet Switch model, to guard against mains power outages, the device is also available with integrated battery backup. The MultispanUPS™ versions maintain both the PSU and Ethernet switch, and for a typical 5W load, the 10Ah battery model will supply continuous power for 100 hours. These models are ideal to prevent any power and IP transmission supply failures, and the associated time-consuming IP end-device re-boot issues.

Responding to demand from customers, Dantech has engineered a flexible solution to enable installers to provide combined PoE & Ethernet transmission for a range of IP applications, and locate it at an end or midpoint of their choice,” says Tim Scott, Director at Dantech Electronic Engineering. “Along with the delivery of ultra-robust and secure power, for complete peace of mind, we chose Cisco technology for the Ethernet switch component due to the company’s world-famous reputation for reliability, making them our ideal technology partner.

The range of 4-port combined PoE+ power and Ethernet switch products is available in indoor (including rackmount) and outdoor enclosures.

 Supporting installers
 with incredible product reliability

As manufacturers of specialist power supplies and ancillary equipment for security applications, we have revealed incredible product reliability inherent to our range of popular 24VAC power supply products.

Over the company’s 40 years of designing and building electronic equipment, Dantech has endeavoured to uphold the ethos of ‘Best of British manufacturing and reliability’, supporting installers with reliable, high-quality power supplies and electronic ancillaries.

Highlighted in a recent engineering review, that over many years of production, the rate of failure of our 24VAC power supply products has remained consistently low, having been calculated as just 0.03% across the many thousands of products manufactured.

This astonishing reliability record has enabled Dantech products to deliver an ultra-robust and secure power supply solution, offering long-term cost investment and performance benefits for countless installations across the UK, Europe and Middle-East.

Offering installers and designers a flexible, simple and cost-effective solution, Dantech 24VAC products can be used for high-power consumption applications, such as large PTZ cameras, auxiliary lighting, wash-wipe function and heaters. They are available as indoor metal cased, outdoor IP66 and rackmount versions, with all connections inside and with all outputs individually fuse protected.

Commenting on the high-reliability findings, Tim Scott, Director at Dantech Electronic Engineering said:

Being specifically designed, manufactured and tested in Great Britain for the security industry, we’re proud that Dantech products can provide customers with such a proven reliable power solution, one that we are confident to deliver to the market, and backed by a 5-year warranty.

Drawing on over 40 years electronics manufacturing experience, Dantech has a reputation for proven product reliability and manufactures an extensive range of power supplies and custom equipment, all designed, manufactured and tested at its UK headquarters.

 NEW! SecurePoE & MidpsanUPS PoE
 VRLA battery back-up power over Ethernet for security

All Dantech SecurePoE products feature a secure enclosure with all connections inside. They include status monitoring and tamper contacts that can be used in a variety of ways to increase system security. Gigabit and 10/100 bandwidth products are available in various output configurations and mounting packages.

Secure PoE with battery power

Manufactured and tested in Great Britain, Dantech SecurePoE products use British designed high efficiency and high reliability electronics. Products are compliant with IEEE 802.3:2012 (802.3at, 802.3af) and designed for use with all compatible load devices.

MidspanUPS products are available that include replaceable stand-by battery packs with Yuasa batteries. There are versions for both long and short stand-by durations available.

 DA726 Normally free interlock
 'Normally free' door interlock controller

These are normally free door interlock controllers. When all doors are closed, their contacts are closed & are wired to release the other door(s). As soon as any door opens' its contacts lock the other doors immediately, and they stay locked until the first door's contact closes again. This then allows another door to open.

Access control door interlock
Please click here to find our more on the DA726
  • No request to exit switches required
  • Mild steel enclosure
  • Compact size ( 155 x 207 x 55mm )
  • Supply voltage 12V DC or 24V DC*(model dependant)
  • Monitor inputs
  • Control inputs
  • Door release outputs
  • Tamper switch
  • Made in Britain
  • 5 year warranty
 DA262 Mains powered relay unit
 Eight or Sixteen way relay unit with 1.5A power supply

A mains powered universal relay unit with VRLA battery support. Available with either eight or sixteen independent DPCO relays, each relay operates at 12V DC and can switch up to 30V DC 1A.

The power supply unit provides 12V (13.7V) DC 1.5A to power the relay PCB cards. Each relay card also has an inhibit line that can de-energise all 8 relays per pcb when pulled high. A VRLA battery of up to 7Ah can be fitted within the enclosure which the power supply can change for battery back-up.

ready to use low voltage relay module with mains power supply
Please click here to find our more on the DA262
  • Input 230V AC @ 50Hz (+/- 10%)
  • House and charge 7Ah VRLA battery
  • Relay operating voltage 12V DC
  • Available with 8 or 16 DPCO contacts
  • Current consumption <20mA each relay
  • Relay contact rating 30V DC 1A
  • Tamper switch
  • Mild steel enclosure
  • Made in Britain
  • 5 year warranty
 1U Rack mount power supplies
 1U Rack mount up to 16A in AC or DC, with 12V & 24V versions

These rack mountable power supplies, just 1U in height, have individual self-resetting fuses and a status indication on the front of the unit by a green LED. The outputs have removable output terminal blocks at the rear of the unit that simply "push in or pull out" of the unit for easy installation and maintenance. All of these models are made in Britain and have our Dantech five year warranty.

Typical uses include powering CCTV cameras, camera housing heaters.

1U Rack-mount power supply