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Dantech Electronic Engineering, powering security.
12V DC (13.7V) 1.5A to 4A power supplies
with monitoring & VRLA battery backup support
Made in Britain

These power supplies accept a mains voltage input of 230V AC @ 50Hz (+/- 10%) and will provide an output of 12V DC (13.7).

Equipped with separate SPCO (Single Pole Change Over) contacts for 'mains fail' signalling, these supplies will also house and charge a VRLA battery up to 7Ah capacity.

Battery low voltage disconnect - If the unit output voltage falls below approximately 9.5V DC, for example after an extended mains failure when standby battery has been depleted, the battery terminals will disconnect. When unit voltage recovers (when mains is resumed) the battery terminals will reconnect, allowing battery recharge. This feature allows batteries to provide unit standby without being damaged by deep discharge during extended mains failures.

Typical uses include powering door access controllers, electronic door releases, mag-locks and CCTV cameras.

Product code Description Data sheet Leaflet
DA486 12V DC (13.7V) 1.5A within a mild steel enclosure. PDF PDF
DA487 12V DC (13.7V) 3A within a mild steel enclosure. PDF PDF
DA488 12V DC (13.7V) 4A within a mild steel enclosure. PDF PDF
*These units are available for same day despatch worldwide. Next day delivery available to mainland UK.
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